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NYC rallies for MLK Day

By staff

MLK Day rally in New York City.

New York, NY – Over 50 people gathered on January 18, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The crowd rallied at the 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard in Harlem, a neighborhood that has had a long history of Black revolutionary organizing. Along with the rally, others participated in a car caravan that passed by the rally.

The event was organized by the People’s United Front, with speakers from organizations such as the New Abolitionist Movement, Cuba Si Coalition, New York Community Action Project, Families for Freedom, and many others.

Each of the speeches addressed one of the issues laid out by the People’s 10 Demands, which included an end to mass incarceration and release of all political prisoners; an end to police terror, affordable housing for all; amnesty for all undocumented people; an end to U.S. military interventions abroad, and others.

Along with speeches, speakers also led the crowd in chants, including “Free them all!” and “How do you spell racist? N-Y-P-D!”

The rally ended with an African American young person reciting from memory a portion of MLK’s famous I Have a Dream speech.

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