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NYC protests for George Floyd and Minneapolis rebellion

By staff

Protest against police crimes in NYC.

New York, NY – Thousands of people rose up across New York City on Saturday, May 30 all throughout the boroughs in various actions organized by different groups. All of the actions were in solidarity with the Minneapolis rebellion and demanding justice for George Floyd.

One action was a car caravan that went from Harlem to the Bronx. Over a dozen cars gathered as part of the National Day of Protest with the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression. The cars taped up posters with the demands of Justice for George Floyd, stop killer cops, and solidarity with the Minneapolis uprising. The caravan was organized by New York Community Action Project, The New Abolitionist Movement, Justice for Lynne Stewart, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Pueblo-People Party, and Struggle – La Lucha.

The caravan started in Harlem and first drove by a rally organized by Harlem’s Coalition Opposing Modern Day Lynching. The cars honked and chanted with the protest of over 600 people, who were met with police in riot gear. They continued driving around the neighborhood, receiving solidarity from the community, before heading up to the Bronx.

The caravan ended at the Bronx, where some of the attendees joined a protest organized by Peoples Power Assemblies. Over 300 gathered at the Hub, an area with heightened NYPD presence and harassment. After the march ended at St. Mary’s Park, the crowd chanted “Leave the park!” at the cops, who eventually left after being unable to intimidate the protesters.

Other actions were also organized in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Protests in Brooklyn have been especially escalated, with actions happening Friday and Saturday nights that have included the smashing and burning of NYPD vehicles. The NYPD is an especially militarized police force, with a long history of its own murders of Black people and other oppressed groups. All of these demonstrations have shown that the people are fed up and are ready to fight back.

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