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NYC May Day march for workers and immigrant rights

By Michela

Participants at NYC May Day march

New York, NY – On May 1, workers, immigrants and community activists gathered at Union Square Park to celebrate International Workers Day. Despite the cold and rain, over 300 people listened to speeches, chanted and then marched throughout lower Manhattan. The action was headed by the May 1st Coalition.

The speeches started at noon and the subjects spanned from workers’ rights in the U.S. to the ongoing imperialist onslaught in the Philippines. Chanting kept the crowd warm and hyped, as people shouted “New York is our city,” “What do we want? Justice, When do want it? Now,” and”If we don’t get it? Shut it down.”

At 2:45 p.m., the crowds gathered behind their respective groups’ banners and marched to Washington Square Park and the New York ICE office. With the NYPD closely followed the protesters, the chant “Fuck the racist police” could be heard. The march ended with the participants in high spirits.

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