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North Carolina: SDS Meets with Congressman Price, Protests U.S. / Israeli War Crimes

By staff

Chapel Hill, NC – Six members of UNC-Chapel Hill’s chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) met with Congressman David Price and his staff on Jan. 23 to demand a just U.S. policy toward the Palestinian people. SDS is outraged with Representative Price for his vote in support of House Resolution 34, a one-sided resolution passed by Congress on Jan. 9 that condoned Israel’s massacre of hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza.

“We are disappointed that David Price defended his vote for H.R. 34 – a resolution which gave full diplomatic, moral and political support to Israel while it was actively killing hundreds of Palestinian civilians,” said Kosta Harlan, a member of SDS who attended the meeting with Representative Price. “That resolution effectively gave Israel a green light from the U.S. Congress to go ahead with their massacres of Palestinians. Price should be ashamed.”

While Representative Price expressed sympathy with many of SDS’s concerns on the resolution and the U.S. support for Israeli war crimes, he said nothing to suggest that he will vote against the Israeli lobby in the future. “He gave us no indication that he would educate himself about the real issues,” commented SDS activist Linda Gomaa, “so we’re going to have to continue holding him accountable for his decisions.”

Following the meeting with Representative Price, two dozen students and community activists held a rally and press conference outside Price’s office before delivering a petition with over 250 signatures condemning Congressman Price for his vote on H.R. 34 and demanding that he end U.S. political and economic support for Israeli war crimes. Members of Students for a Democratic Society, Fight Imperialism Stand Together and Veterans for Peace spoke at the rally.A photo of protesters in front of David Price's Chapel Hill office.

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