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No Trump Wall! No State of Emergency!

By Legalization For All (L4A)

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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following call from the Legalization for All Network and other immigrant rights groups. We urge all progressive organizations to sign on and endorse it. You can do so here:

On the campaign trail, candidate Trump said that Mexico would pay for his wall. President Trump could not get funding for his wall on the U.S./Mexico border even when his Republican Party controlled the House, the Senate and the White House. Then he shut down parts of the Federal Government for over a month. Almost four hundred thousand Federal workers were put out of their jobs and more were made to work without pay. In addition, workers for government contractors are not getting back pay. To get the funding for his racist wall, Trump is taking it a step further by threatening to declare a State of Emergency. With already thousands of U.S. troops mobilized to the border, a State of Emergency would heighten the tension of armed troops and border agents who already unleashed tear gas on refugees. We say No Trump Wall, No State of Emergency!

The only crisis at the border is the one Trump is creating. Thousands of refugee and immigrant children have been held in camps at the border, and some are dying in detention. Central American refugees, many if not most women and children, are fleeing violence so bad that even the U.S. State Department has advised U.S. tourists not to go there! We support asylum for the Central American refugees!

During his partial government shutdown, Trump had offered a temporary extension on DACA (Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals) and TPS (Temporary Protected Status) in exchange for billions of dollars for the wall. But Trump’s attempt to end DACA is already tied up in courts. What the Dreamers and TPS refugees need is legalization, not temporary extensions!

First he launched an attack against Mexicans, calling them, “Rapists, criminals, drug-dealers, and bad hombres,” then on Muslims, with his travel ban. Trump is a bigot who has demonized and dehumanized refugees, a racist who has referred to Central American and African countries as “shitholes.” Now it is Central Americans and back to Mexicans who are his main target. He claims that immigrants and refugees are coming to take jobs, but Trump was the one who took jobs away from workers in the United States!

We ask you and your organizations to sign on to this statement to oppose Trump’s Wall and protest any attempt by him to declare a State of Emergency.




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