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New Yorkers stand in solidarity with activists raided by FBI

By staff

NYC protest against FBI repression.

Brooklyn, NY – Around 20 organizers and community members gathered at noon on August 5 for a press conference, organized by The December 12th Movement, to denounce the FBI raids on African Socialist Party.

The press conference included powerful speakers from December 12, Black is Back, Struggle La Lucha, the Panthers, and a few openly socialist elected officials.

Collin Poirot, a member of the New York Community Action Project, spoke on behalf of the National Lawyers Guild. They said, “By targeting people who have built relationships with progressive forces in other countries, the U.S. government intends to intimidate those in the U.S. who would stand up and fight back against U.S. wars abroad and offer solidarity to resistance movements.”

Poirot continued “The U.S. government intends to isolate the domestic struggle and prevent activists from developing a truly internationalist understanding of oppression and imperialism.”

The speeches all spoke of resolute solidarity with the raided activists and opposition to repression.

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