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New Yorkers join the protests against Luma Energy

By staff

New Yorkers protest against the impact of utility privatization in Puerto Rico

New York, NY – A few dozen New Yorkers gathered in front of 1251 Avenue of the Americas on July 20 to protest Luma Energy and its lawyers, DLA Piper.

The action was called by New York Boricua Resistance in solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico who were holding protests across the island.

Luma Energy was a private company that was put in place as a response to the failing infrastructure after Hurricane Maria. However, since 2017, Luma has left more Puerto Ricans without access to water and electricity while also raising prices up $700 from one month to the next. Currently, there are a reported 22,000 households without basic utilities.

There were speakers from different allied organizations, including the New York Community Action Project, International League of People's Struggle, Malaya Movement, Lal Morich, Call to Action Puerto Rico, and many more.

During her speech, Michela Martinazzi from NYCAP said, “It seems that the mismanagement of the economy continues to fall on the people. While the wealthy who don't even live here profit off our misery, we continue to work despite it all. And that's why we have to look to Puerto Ricans who have a rich and militant history of fighting back against corruption and exploitation.”

New York Boricua Resistance will continue to call for protests to end U.S. involvement on the island and for Puerto Rican independence.

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