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New York stands in solidarity with Rasmea Odeh!

By staff

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New York, NY -On Nov. 28, several dozen activists gathered at Zuccotti Park behind a Palestinian flag and a banner reading “Justice for Rasmea Odeh” to rally and march in solidarity with the Chicago Palestinian American leader.

Despite the news that her Detroit federal court hearing scheduled for Nov. 29 was canceled, organizers felt it was important to continue to demand justice for Rasmea Odeh and call out the unjust legal system.

The rally and march was called by The Committee to Stop FBI Repression and Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network.

Activists started out by chanting, “We want justice, you say how? Free Rasmea Odeh Now!” and “FBI get off our backs! We have had enough attacks!”

The march went from Zuccotti Park to Federal Plaza. Throughout the walk activists chanted, “Donald Trump let’s be clear – Rasmea is welcome here!”

Once at the Federal Plaza, endorsing groups gave speeches in support of Rasmea Odeh.

Nina Macapinlac from BAYAN USA Northeast spoke of the importance of international solidarity from Palestine to the Philippines. She mentioned how freedom fighters in the Philippines also face extreme government repression and said, “These trumped up charges don't exist because she [Rasmea] is an immigrant but because she fought for her the liberation of her homeland, Palestine!”

Bill Doars from the International League of People’s Struggle gave a powerful speech where he spoke about the U.S./Israel relationship. He talked about the continued struggle that we will be waging with this upcoming presidency by saying, “A new bigot in chief has been elected and this only means more repression for community organizers like Rasmea. Our fight continues on Jan. 20 where we take the streets against this oppressive state.”

Michela Martinazzi, from the Committee to Stop FBI Repression and Freedom Road Socialist Organization, closed the rally by saying, “The case has had its ups and downs from the beginning. ‘Democracy’ in this country is skewed to one side and justice is only for those that support U.S. imperialism. The only way Rasmea has gotten justice is because for every court date we packed the room, took the streets and demanded her justice. The fight doesn't end today, and it doesn't end on Jan. 20, but we'll keep raising hell until this goddamned state is torn down.”

The activists left in high spirits are will be ready to take the streets at the next step in Rasmea Odeh’s case.

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