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New York rallies to oust Duterte

By staff

NYC demands end to Duterte's rule.

New York, NY – Over 100 protesters gathered outside of the Philippine Consulate General in New York City on July 22 for the People’s State of the Nation Address. This action was part of a larger call to oust U.S.-backed Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as he gave his State of the Nation address.

Despite heavy rain, the crowd was strong and enthusiastic. The protest was organized by Malaya Movement Northeast and included speeches from various Filipino and ally organizations. The speakers highlighted the different ways in which President Duterte has committed human rights abuses, and the need for organization against his government.

“From Duterte’s war on the urban poor, to massacres of indigenous people and farmers defending their right to land, our people have the courage to strike for better wages and working conditions, to occupy housing because it’s their basic right, to form bungkalans and assert their right to the land, to defend ancestral domains, to give you their lives in order to take up arms because they see no other choice in fighting for their freedom,” said Nikki Pagulayan from BAYAN USA Northeast.

The protest ended with a cultural performance and hoisting a banner that read, “Oust Duterte. Traitor, torturer, dictator!”

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