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New York rallies against 16 years of war

By staff

NYC anti war protest.

New York, NY – Around 150 people gathered in Herald Square, Oct. 7, to protest war at home and abroad on the 16th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.

50 groups signed on to the call to action to oppose U.S. imperialism.

Bayan USA spoke about how the U.S. wars affects the Philippines under the rule of Duterte. SPARC (Serve the People – Awaken Revolutionary Consciousness) spoke about how imperialism is closely connected to gentrification at home and displacement of working class and oppressed people. Worker’s World Party spoke about the need to support nations, such as Venezuela and Korea, targeted by the U.S.

Michela Martinazzi from the Committee to Stop FBI Repression spoke on the need to defend anti-war activists when they’re targeted, stating, “The government targets activists and organizers because they want to shut down the movement. They want to shut us down. But I can say that we won’t get shut down. We won’t stop defending our political warriors.”

Juyeon Rhee from the Nodutdol for Korean Community Development spoke about the need of a united Korea, “If there will be a war, it won't be new to us. We've been under war for the last 70 years. The U.S. shouldn’t decide for us, and they should let us decide how we go about our affairs for a united Korea.” She ended her speech with the chant, “End the Korean War! Peace treaty now!”

The rally ended with powerful words from one the three emcees, Nerdeen Kiswani from New York City Students for Justice in Palestine who urged all the attendees to not let this event be the only thing they do, but to join an organization and join the movement.

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