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New People’s Army arrests deputy police chief, now held as POW

By staff

Slams Philippine government’s illegal arrest of farmers in North Cotabato

According to a statement from Rigoberto F. Sanchez, spokesperson for the New People’s Army (NPA), in Southern Mindanao, Red fighters under the Mt. Apo Sub-Regional Command arrested Police Inspector Menardo Nisperos Cui, Philippine National Police (PNP), Badge No. 0-28281, on Dec. 28, 2017, in North Cotabato and subsequently declared him NPA Prisoner of War.

The Regional Operations Command of the NPA in Southern Mindanao also condemns the illegal arrests of farmers Jarold Adiaton, Jean Solis and Datu Maylan Andas, on Jan. 9.

POW Cui, age 48, is the designated Deputy Police Chief of Pres. Roxas Municipal PNP. A 9mm pistol was seized from his possession during his arrest. He is currently being investigated for his counterinsurgency activities and possible crimes against the masses and the revolutionary movement. As a legitimate exercise of belligerent political authority on behalf of the People’s Democratic Government, the NPA is tasked to arrest, detain and investigate personnel of the reactionary armed forces who are actively engaged in the armed conflict.

POW Cui, as with other previous prisoners of war, is being given political education that includes short courses on the history and problems of Philippine society and the need for people’s war while under the custody of the NPA. Under guerilla conditions, he is treated with leniency and provided with all basic needs in accordance to NPA rules of discipline, the CARHRIHL and other international conventions.

In a video released by his custodial force, POW Cui shared his experience regarding the commendable treatment of his custodial force. He also reflected on the people’s war, the need for armed struggle and why the counterinsurgency campaign Oplan Kapayapaan is bound to fail in the face of the people’s contempt of the Duterte regime and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). POW Cui appealed to President Duterte to resume talks with the NDFP and for the AFP to suspend military operations to make way for his safe release. He also assured his family of being treated well by the New People’s Army.

The mettle of discipline that the NPA demonstrates with regards to its prisoners of war stands in stark contrast to the reactionary armed forces’ deplorable treatment of political prisoners languishing in various jails around the country. The abject conditions which these political prisoners are being made to suffer, notwithstanding the fabricated charges that supposedly led to their arrests, bear witness to the state of injustice that continues to victimize the Filipino people, especially under the fascist U.S.-Duterte regime.

The NPA in the region calls on all peace advocates and human rights defenders to join the demand for the unconditional and immediate release of the three farmers and all political prisoners in the country.

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