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New Orleans working people march against Trump

By ehsivar cuodo

On Jan. 20, about 600 protesters led by the New Orleans Workers Group and Take 'em Down Nola assembled at Duncan Plaza near the New Orleans City Hall before marching through New Orleans in a protest against Donald Trump. Protesters chanted “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA,” and “Capitalism must go! When? Now!”

In a series of speeches, organizers blamed capitalism for the rise of Donald Trump. New Orleans Workers Group member Gavrielle Gemma explained to the crowd at Duncan Plaza how Russia can't be blamed for the electoral system or the problems of the workers in the U.S. “It's the billionaires on Wall Street who manipulate the political system, not Russia!” she said.

Michael “Quess” Moore of Take 'Em Down Nola asked those present to embrace each other's struggles “regardless of their differences in race, gender or sexuality,” and as per the goal of Take 'Em Down Nola, to “take down Robert E. Lee,” referring to the many Confederate statues that haunt the Black workers of New Orleans.

The marchers were largely working class, and many of them oppressed nationalities. Support for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party seemed to be very limited among protesters.

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