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New Orleans trans community celebrates name change, housing victories, keeps up fight

By Dylan Sojic-Borne

“See Us! Hear Us!”

House of Tulip Co-President Milan Nicole Sherry speaks in front of City Hall.

New Orleans, LA- On the morning of September 12, trans activists and supporters gathered in front of New Orleans City Hall for a press conference and community update. Participants celebrated the trans and gender non-conforming (TGNC) people’s victories of the summer, and talked about next steps.

Real Name Campaign NOLA organized the event, with House of Tulip in support. The Real Name Campaign is an organization fighting for accessible ID changes, like name changes and the “M” and “F” on IDs. Incorrect IDs insult TGNC people’s dignity and expose us to discrimination. House of Tulip is creating sustainable housing for Louisiana’s TGNC people. This organization’s Black trans leaders come from the oppressed communities that they fight for. Both organizations’ causes are essential for TGNC people to live full lives with shelter, employment and healthcare.

Dylan Sojic-Borne spoke for the Real Name Campaign. She highlighted how the people’s pressure forced Civil District Court to drop name change fees from $506 to $250 in mid-August. The Court only did this because they lost two business days when campaign supporters crammed their phone lines. More change will come from the people’s struggles. Full demands include non-binary gender markers (“X”) and accessible ID changes for incarcerated people. Next up, the group will take the fight to the Department of Motor Vehicles in response to its transphobic harassment and ID restrictions.

Milan Nicole Sherry spoke as the co-president of the House of Tulip. Her speech emphasized how TGNC people and supporters never stop the fight: “I’d like to give a shout-out to community, because community always shows up and shows out, and I never doubt that.” She announced that the organization has found a property, and will soon offer housing aid. She said that the House of Tulip will have a spot for donations by mid-October, and asked for clothing – especially jackets, sweaters and chest binders.

Toni Duplechain-Jones of both the Real Name Campaign and House of Tulip summarized the event’s message to Civil District Court judges and other officials: “If you don’t see us, if you don’t hear us, you best believe you’re going to fear us.”

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