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New Orleans rally demands dropping the charges against activist Felix Allen

By Rory Macdonald

Felix Allen speaks in front of Municipal Court

New Orleans, LA – On March 22, about 30 people rallied outside the Municipal Court of New Orleans to support Felix Allen. Allen was brutalized and arrested the day before at the Port of New Orleans during a public comment session at the port. He was charged with “obstructing an officer” and “disturbing the peace.” Videos captured by witnesses of the arrest show that Allen was cooperating when he was attacked.

At the Municipal Court, protesters heard speeches from the Jones/Macdonald Defense Committee, New Orleans Stop Helping Israel’s Ports (NOSHIP), and Felix Allen. “They’re going to continue to violate our right to free speech but for every one of us they arrest more will take our place,” Allen said. Between speeches, protesters chanted things like “Not guilty! Not sorry!” and “Drop the charges!”

When the crowd tried to follow Allen into the courthouse, they were told they were not allowed to enter. The police officers at the same court had tried to prevent supporters of Toni Jones from attending her hearing on Mar 18. Eventually, the officers yielded to the people’s right to public courtrooms and allowed Allen’s supporters in. Allen connected his arrest with the struggle of the Palestinian people. He compared the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) and local police saying, “The only things they protect and serve are racism, capitalism and imperialism.”

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