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New Orleans protesters march to mayor’s house to protect abortion rights

By staff

Protesters gather in front of the mayor's house to listen to speeches.

New Orleans, LA – On July 1, a group of 60 activists and community members marched to Mayor Latoya Cantrell's home demanding that she take action to defend reproductive rights. The speakers emphasized the need for New Orleans to bar Louisiana State Police from enforcing abortion bans.

The march began at a busy intersection, then made its way onto the mayor’s street, where demonstrators yelled chants against the state police. Demonstrators say that they not only oppose the presence of the state troopers in New Orleans because of their role in enforcing the abortion trigger ban, but also because they are also currently under an investigation by the Department of Justice for their racist practices.

The protesters left lawn signs that read “Mayor Cantrell, Louisiana State Police must go!” and taped a letter with their demands to a porch column.

This demonstration came after a three-day phone zap and a march one week earlier where 4000 demonstrators marched to city hall with demands to defeat the abortion bans.

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