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New Orleans marches for Palestinian liberation

By Carson Cruse

Protesters gather in front of New Orleans City Hall. | Fight Back! News/Fernando Lopez

New Orleans, LA – On October 29, over 300 protesters filled the streets to condemn the recent escalation in the siege on Gaza. The evening began with a rally at City Hall where members of some organizations spoke to the lively crowd. During the march, Palestinian community members led chants like “While you’re shopping, bombs are dropping” and “Biden, Biden, what do you say, how many kids did you kill today?” echoed off storefronts.

As the marchers gathered near the French Quarter, more speakers expressed solidarity with the national liberation struggle in Palestine. “I am not convinced that violently policed national borders are a solution for us or anyone, and that is certainly a reason why I am not a Zionist,” asserted Sruly Heller, member of New Orleans Jewish Voices for Peace.

Palestinian families held signs that read “From the river to the sea!” and waved Palestinian flags while listening to the powerful speeches. Many local service workers stopped to listen and participate in the rally.

“The faucet of funds of death, war, destruction and occupation must be shut off – all aid is military aid when it’s supporting the terroristic, Zionist, so-called state of Israel!” urged FRSO member Toni Mar.

Organizers gathered everyone for the march back to City Hall to safely disperse. Although marshals were harassed by police for preventing them from driving too close to protesters, there were few disruptions to the flow of the march. Cars honked in support and streetcar passengers waved at the crowd from their seats. The people of the United States have every interest in supporting the Palestinian liberation movement, and it shows in the countless recent solidarity demonstrations nationwide.

The march was organized by New Orleans for Community Oversight of the Police, or NOCOP. They united with several other community organizations including NOLA4Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, and the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO).

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