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New Orleans LGBT community prepares to march for trans lives

By Dylan Borne

Protesters gathered for New Orleans’ last Trans March of Resilience, Nov 2014.

New Orleans, LA- LGBT activists are getting ready for the Trans March of Resilience this Wednesday, November 20. The community’s leading Black trans organizers are heading the march. Activist groups Operation Restoration, BreakOUT!, GLAAD, the Southern Equality Fund, and the Real Name Campaign are in support.

Milan Nicole Sherry, the main organizer, states “November 20 is known as the Trans Day of Remembrance, when many of the community’s trans individuals come together to remember the senseless violence faced by our community, and to celebrate our resilience as a community. We are marching to honor individuals lost this year as well as individuals whose cases are still open. We are fighting police brutality, the lack of official concern for our community, discriminatory policies within the workplace, and the general violence against us. We’re encouraging folks to come out in solidarity and honor our resilience.”

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