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New Orleans continues to stand with the Palestinian resistance in demanding “Hands off Iran!”

By staff

Protestors hold signs while gathered outside of building.

New Orleans, LA - On April 15, activists and community members in New Orleans gathered in an emergency rally at the Harol Boggs Federal Building to voice their support for Iran’s calculated and warranted retaliation against Israel’s illegal attack on the Iranian embassy and officials in Damascus, Syria. The protesters further highlighted the need to oppose any U.S. military involvement in the region that could result from Iran’s retaliation.

Organized by New Orleans Stop Helping Israel’s Ports (NOSHIP) and Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), the rally gathered people under the slogans: “When the Middle East is under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!” and “We want justice, you say how? Hands off Iran now!”

“We recognize the Israeli attack on Iran’s embassy in Damascus for what it was. It was a declaration of war, it was a violation of international law, and it was a desperate bid to drag the U.S. into a wider war with Iran,” said Rory Macdonald from Tulane Students for a Democratic Society.

NOSHIP, Tulane SDS, and Loyola SDS – all represented at this rally – are currently focusing their efforts on divestmentcampaigns aiming to stop all U.S. aid to and U.S. investments in Israel. “Just like we are doing divestment campaigns all across the country right now, we will shut down a U.S. war with Iran,” continued Macdonald.

Carson Cruse, Loyola SDS member echoed: “New SDS was founded in 2006 when a bunch of angry students were demanding our government end its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, we are building a militant student movement demanding divestment from Israel and no war with Iran.

New Orleans Healthcare Workers for Palestine spoke further of the prevalent discontent towards institutions complicit with the ongoing genocide. The organization openly condemned U.S. institutions that expect workers to heal patients in front of them while ignoring the millions who have had every right to healthcare or a healthy environment stripped away.

“With the alarming number of Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli forces, it sounds to me like they’re the ones who are acting in self-defense,” said Jasmine Groves from New Orleans for Community Oversight of the Police (NOCOP) in reference to Israel’s ridiculous claims that its current campaign of terror against the Palestinian people is no more than so-called self-defense.

“The fact that our legislature in Louisiana is passing a state bill that both voices support for Israel’s genocide and seeks to criminalize anti-Zionist resistance is a prime example that they know they are exposed and vulnerable,” said FRSO member Quest Riggs.

NOSHIP closed out the rally by urging community members topressure local agencies that are complicit with the ongoingoccupation and genocide and continue demanding that the Port of New Orleans stop any current or potential trade with Israeli entities.

“They are scared. They are so scared that they have resorted to arresting us for simply exercising our right to peacefully provide public comments. We will not stand for this political repression. We will continue to show up and demand for the board to stop all shipments to and from Israel, and to drop all charges against Felix Allen,” said a representative of NOSHIP.

Activists and community members are fired up about the upcoming March on the Democratic National Convention in Chicago on August 19, which will be marching under the slogan: “Genocide Joe has got to go!”

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