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Nazi candidate for congress and his supporters are rejected by Palos Township residents at monthly meeting

By staff

Organizers firm in calling for Sharon Brannigan’s resignation

Chicago, IL – On Monday, August 13, the #ResignBrannigan campaign organized its 14th protest in Palos Township, marking a milestone in this anti-racist movement led by Arabs and Muslims, as residents protested not only Trustee Sharon Brannigan, but also the Nazi Congressional candidate Arthur Jones and his supporters, forcing them to leave the meeting. Jones was there to defend Brannigan and her racist hate speech.

As the community picketed on the sidewalk holding signs calling for inclusivity and peace, Brannigan and Jones supporters across the street held signs that read, “Vote for Arthur Jones in November,” “Sharon Brannigan stays,” and anti-Semitic slogans. These are the same racists and Nazis that brought the “ISIS out of Palos” sign to a campaign protest in September of last year.

The #ResignBrannigan coalition had planned to present testimonials at the meeting by teenagers from Stagg and Sandburg high schools, as well as by college students from Moraine Valley Community College and UIC – these students were prepared to share their fears of possible white supremacist attacks against them by racists emboldened by Brannigan. But the program immediately changed with the presence of Jones and his supporters.

“We were left with no other option but to immediately deliver our more than 1000 postcards demanding Brannigan’s resignation,” said Bassem Kawar, National Coordinator of the Campaign to TAKE ON HATE, which leads the local coalition, “to force Jones out of the space with our chanting, and to shut the meeting down. We are firm with our stance, and will never allow or encourage any platforms for racist and hate speech.”

The campaign is gaining momentum daily, and Arabs, Muslims, and their supporters in the community pledge to continue to protest these monthly Palos Hills Township meetings, as well as to escalate with actions in between.

Coalition members insist that it is time for other elected officials to also take a stand, as the silence of Dan Lipinski, Sean Morrison, and all of Brannigan’s board of trustees’ colleagues is a sign that they are accepting these attacks on Arabs and Muslims, and emboldening Jones and his ilk.

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