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More than 1000 protest Trump in Tucson

By staff

Trump campaign rally disputed

Anti-Trump protesters in Tucson, AZ.

Tucson, AZ – More than 1000 protesters converged on a Tucson Trump campaign rally, March 19. “We were not going to allow for Trump, a promoter of racism, hate and xenophobia to come to Tucson and be unchallenged by the social movements of justice,” says immigrant rights activist Edwards Cott.

Marching from a nearby park to the Tucson Convention Center, some protesters confronted pro-Trump bigots waiting for the rally to begin.

Members of many organization participated, including L.U.P.E, Tucson SDS, Centro CSO of East LA, Milwaukee Y.E.S, MIRAC of Minnesota, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and many from MEChA chapters around the country.

“To strengthen our message of support for Mexicans and other immigrants who Trump is set on attacking, I was among the dozen protesters who made it in to disrupt and it worked. People couldn't hear him. But the rabid mob of bigots worked with security to physically force us out,” says Bryan Orozco of Pima MECha.

Orozco continued, “Trump supporters yelled really racist things at us, but we successfully continued interrupting Trump whenever he opened his mouth. Trump and his supporters looked like the fools that they are, and we managed to outnumber their smaller numbers.”

Trump backers gouged the arm of a teenage girl because she was speaking Spanish and wearing a Mexico jersey.

After kicking protesters out of the convention center, riot police were called to protect the reactionaries as they came out. One racist even tried spitting on the protesters, but the crowd started chanting, “Viva Mexico!” and she bowed her head – outnumbered by the protesters.

“Trump stands for backwardness and ignorance. He has used every opportunity to spew racism and hate and we are here to tell him and his supporters that he is not welcomed in our city and in our state,” said Stteffanny Cott of L.U.P.E.

“To the haters wearing shirts with the slogan 'Leave socialism in Europe', we socialists are already here and stand united with all those who were loud and proud today, and confronted Trump,” says Sol Marquez of Freedom Road Socialist Organization. “We are building a movement that is capable of defeating Trump and all that he stands for. In the long run we need a revolution and socialism, and when that happens, and it will happen -we Chicanos, we workers, we women and all of the oppressed will win full equality and liberation.”

March 19 protest against Trump in Tucson, AZ.

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