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Milwaukee unions march to support organizing drives

By staff

Organize the unorganized!

Milwaukee workers march to back union organizing efforts.

Milwaukee, WI – Workers from multiple active union organizing campaigns marched through downtown Milwaukee on October 27 to rally support for the wave of new union organizing. Nearly 100 workers and supporters from the organizing campaigns at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Colectivo Coffee, Wonderstate Coffee, Marquette University and Captel joined forces for an impressive display of union strength. The march took the streets, stopping by several workplaces where union drives led primarily by young workers are ongoing.

Speaking outside the Milwaukee Art Museum, Brittany Walker, a museum employee, explained why museum workers are voting “yes” to form a union with IAM Lodge 66.

“Solidarity means everything, this fight that we've taken on has proven so much in terms of loyalty and camaraderie, and what it means to fight to the finish. I want to thank you all for also taking the same stand because it's not easy, but the fight, the result, and the reward is worth the risk.”

Another young worker, Molly Kiefer, took the mic to announce that her coworkers at Wonderstate Coffee are organizing a union with Teamsters Local 344.

“We are also unionizing. We are really excited,” said Keifer, as the crowd erupted in a cheer of support. “We feel so supported, so thank you all.”

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