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Milwaukee Stands Against U.S./NATO Attack on Libya

By staff

Milwaukee protest demands end to U.S. / NATO war on Libya

Milwaukee, WI – Dozens protested the U.S. and NATO war in Libya in downtown here, Aug. 27. The message was “U.S./NATO out of Libya now!”

One protester spoke about the Wisconsin National Guard taking part in the war on Libya. Another speaker from the Committee to Stop FBI Repression gave an update about the attacks on Carlos Montes and the other 23 international solidarity activists. “These activists are under attack because the ruling class doesn't like people stirring up opposition to their greed. Defending these activists helps us build opposition to the U.S. in Libya.”

The next day, many of those protesting attended an organizing conference in Chicago to plan protests against NATO and the G8 in Chicago in May 2012.

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