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Milwaukee SDS members disrupt CIA recruitment event

By Jacob Flom

Milwaukee, WI – Students for a Democratic Society successfully disrupted two Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recruitment events at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM), Wednesday, March 30. SDS members questioned the CIA's involvement in overthrowing democratically elected governments, training assassins to kill civilians and trafficking drugs.

After being questioned about overthrowing the Shah in Iran and murdering Patrice Lumumba in the Congo, the CIA representative responded “you have your history books and we have ours.” The CIA was recently exposed for working covert operations in Libya, where destabilization could open up the largest oil reserves in Africa to U.S. and British corporations.

Several SDS members continued to speak up, confronting blatant lies in the CIA presentation, such as their denial that the CIA has killed U.S. citizens. The students also handed out fliers with a CIA time-line that included just part of the CIA’s countless atrocities.

One of those events was Operation CHAOS, which illegally spied on some 7000 anti-war activists in the United States during the Vietnam War. The SDS flier demanded that the U.S. government stop the repression of anti-war and international solidarity activists that continues today under the FBI.

In addition to the CIA targeting anti-war activists in the U.S., they have also targeted their own recruits. Over 40 international students, who were recruited by the CIA at U.S. colleges, have committed suicide after being threatened with exposure if they left the organization.

Milwaukee SDS is committed to preventing fellow students from the same fate as those who are coerced and targeted by the government for dissent.

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