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Milwaukee killer cop tries to get job back

By staff

Milwaukee, WI – The second day of an appeal by killer cop Christopher Manney to get his job back is underway here, March 20. Manney, who shot the unarmed Dontre Hamilton 14 times in a downtown Milwaukee park last April, was fired from the Milwaukee Police Department for not following procedure in how he approached Hamilton – not for the murder.

“It hurts that we are here not because Dontre Hamilton was murdered by a police officer who is not being prosecuted, but because that officer wants his job back,” says Angela Nicole Walker who has been at the proceedings both days.

Protests have been ongoing for the past several months, including the arrest of 74 people who were attempting to shut down a highway in downtown Milwaukee after it was announced Manney would face no criminal charges.

Several dozen community members have shown up to the hearing, most sitting in an overflow room, to show solidarity with the Hamilton family.

Milwaukee Police have a long history of violence and Milwaukee is often listed one of the worst cities in the nation for police brutality. Just a couple examples in the past couple of years: officers let a young father of three die in the back of a squad car while begging for his life; conducted illegal anal cavity searches on the street; officers getting in trouble for raping (while on duty) and stalking community members; and punching and dragging a woman in custody by her hair out of a squad car. They are also responsible for the highest incarceration rate per capita of Black men in the country.

Entering the final hours of the hearing, supporters are hopeful Manney doesn't get his job back. They will continue their fight for Justice for Dontre Hamilton and others who are victims to police violence.

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