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Milwaukee healthcare workers speak out for Gaza

By staff

Medical workers speak up for Gaza at Milwaukee press conference. | Fight Back! News/staff

Milwaukee, WI – On October 20, dozens of healthcare workers joined a press conference to condemn the unprecedented public health crisis being caused by Israel's criminal siege and bombardment of 2.3 million civilians in Gaza.

“As healthcare workers in the Milwaukee area, we are deeply disturbed by the current Israeli war on Gaza, and the large toll of civilians that have been killed and injured, particularly children,” said Dr. Hashim Zaibak, a Palestinian-American doctor from Gaza.

Gaza's health ministry says over 4000 people have been killed by Israel's indiscriminate air strikes. Over 1000 children have been killed.

“Our president's claim that he will make sure civilians are treated according to the laws of war are empty and false words. By supplying Israel with much of its arms and giving Israel the green light to attack the civilian population of more than 2.3 million people, our government is complicit in the violation of international laws and treaties that are considered war crimes,” Dr. Zaibak said.

More than 1 million children are at serious risk of dehydration and water-borne diseases as they are forced to drink contaminated water, because that's all that's available.

“We are witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe as it unfolds before our eyes. We cannot remain silent,” Dr. Zaibak said. “As healthcare workers in the Milwaukee area, it is our mission to help protect and save lives. This is a human right that applies to all people, regardless of where they reside. Our government must act now!”

The press conference was organized by American Muslims for Palestine and the Islamic Society of Milwaukee. Healthcare workers from several local hospitals and clinics participated in the event, including at least one union member from the only organized private hospital in the city of Milwaukee.

Many in attendance intend to join the demonstration planned for Sunday, October 22 at 11 a.m. being hosted by the recently formed Wisconsin Coalition for Justice in Palestine.

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