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Milwaukee Alliance holds march and vigil for Brieon Green

By Lauryn Cross

Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression vigil with the family

Milwaukee, WI – On Saturday, August 6, the Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression held a march and vigil with the family of Brieon Green and other community members. Green died at the jail on June 26. With a small but energetic crowd, the Milwaukee Alliance led people in a loop through the downtown area that began and ended in front of the Milwaukee County Courthouse.

After the march, Angela Lang, executive director of Black Leaders Organizing Communities; Monique Dunlap, Green’s aunt, and Omar Flores, co-chair of the MAARPR, spoke about Green's case and the need for transparency and accountability. After the march and speeches, the crowd met at Lake Park for a vigil.

Green’s family thinks it is important to keep having actions due to the lack of answers and transparency regarding the case. Monique Dunlap called for continued community support around the case.

“Don’t let them make decisions for our lives because their decision right now is for us to remain quiet,” Dunlap said.

Milwaukee County authorities are refusing to open an investigation, and without public pushback they will continue to drag their feet on Green’s case and more general issues within the Milwaukee County jail. As long as the family and community continue to have questions regarding his death, actions will continue.

News and media outlets have filed open records requests for the footage of Green inside the Milwaukee County jail, but none of the requests have been answered. Moreover, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office continues to refuse cooperation with the family’s legal team. Green’s family continues to hit frustrating roadblocks on the way to opening an investigation. However, none of these obstacles will deter the family and their supporters from seeking justice for Brieon.

The Milwaukee Alliance and Brieon's family continue to demand the following: The public release of all the officer’s names who arrested Green and handled his booking; the release of the body camera footage of all seven officers who interacted with Green during his arrest inside the county jail; the release of the footage from street cameras that captured Green’s arrest; the release of the footage from the squad car in which Green was arrested; the release of the footage from the cameras inside the county jail to ensure that Green was booked, medically cleared, and alive prior to being jailed; and for Chairwoman Marcelia Nicholson to open an investigation into suicide prevention and conditions within Milwaukee County Jail.

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