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Milwaukee Alliance demands justice for Roberto Zielinski outside District 6 police station

By staff

Milwaukee protest demands justice for Roberto Zielinski.

Milwaukee, WI – On the late afternoon of July 6, members of the Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression joined with people from the community and other groups like The People’s Revolution to continue demanding justice for Roberto Zielinski. The protest started at the corner of S 27th Street and Oklahoma Avenue before moving to the front steps of the Milwaukee Police Department District 6 building.

Zielinski was murdered by an unknown Milwaukee Police Department officer in the late night hours of May 30 just blocks away from District 6. While MPD claims Zielinski was firing shots from a porch and refused to drop his gun when commanded to do so, they have yet to release any video footage of what happened that night. If the case was as cut-and-dry as MPD would have people believe, they should have released the footage already. The release of the footage is the main demand of Zielinski’s family and of the Milwaukee Alliance.

The protest consisted of people holding signs alongside the road and in the median. Many people voiced support from open windows or honked as they drove by. Others marched up and down the sidewalk, stopping from time to time to chant into the police station to demand the release of the footage and for justice.

The Milwaukee Alliance is committed to protesting outside the District 6 station until the footage from the night of Zielinski’s murder is released. The next action is planned for July 9.

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