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Millions for Mumia March

By staff

Philadelphia, PA – On April 24, tens of thousands of people, some from as far as France, gathered here at the Millions for Mumia March. A simultaneous demonstration took place in San Francisco, California. Mumia Abu-Jamal, a former member of the Black Panther Party, has been on death row for over a decade for a crime he did not commit. Attempts by the city officials to prevent the march by not granting a permit failed, as people united around the rallying cry: Free Mumia! Speakers ranging from the Black Police Officers Federation to the Move organization called for Mumia's release.

March participant Anh Pham, a member of the University of Minnesota's Progressive Student Organization said, “It's great to see that people are recognizing that Mumia's case ties in with an overall system of injustice. There are people here talking about Mumia's case and police brutality in all our communities, different national liberation movements, and the US bombing of Yugoslavia. The system is showing cracks and the people are speaking out.”

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