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Mike Brown protesters in Miami take to the streets, 2 arrested

By Cecelia O’ Brien

Jeremy Shaw being arrested

Miami, FL – On Nov. 25, nearly 200 community members in Miami held an angry protest. It was a reaction to the grand jury’s failure to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson after he shot an unarmed African American teen, Mike Brown, to death in the street. The protesters chanted, “No justice, no peace!” and “If we don’t get it, shut it down!” Miami police arrested two organizers for standing in the wrong place. Later, protesters shut down traffic intersections.

At the beginning of the rally, police put caution tape around the area in front of the Miami-Dade Courthouse. The protesters marched through the tape, tearing it down. Two of the organizers, Philip Agnew and Jeremy Shaw, began speaking. Each of them were tackled to the ground and arrested by three police officers who claimed the protest leaders should not be standing on the steps. Protesters were infuriated. The rally continued with speakers for two hours before the group marched and took to the streets. Marching against oncoming traffic, they received great support from motorists in the street. The protesters were emboldened by the support of the people and began to shut down intersections. At this point, one motorist became aggressive and tried to run down marchers.

Protesters plan to continue to organize around these issues, with upcoming events including a solidarity protest with Mexican activists, a teach-in about the Florida State Attorney Angela Corey’s mistreatment of Marissa Alexander and gendered violence, and a strategy meeting of the Miami Committee on State Violence.

Protesters shut down intersection

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