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Midwest Occupy conference builds for NATO/G8 protest

By staff

St. Louis, MO – From March 15 -18, over 100 organizers from the Midwest Occupy movement met here to discuss future plans and actions.

13 people were arrested on the first day trying to occupy Compton Hill Reservoir Park. Police armed with batons attacked the Occupiers, causing several injuries. Protesters were initially threatened with felony charges, which were later dropped. Then on March 17, Occupy Wall Street protesters rallied against home foreclosures in front of the Wells Fargo Corporate Center, one of the big bailout banks. Unfazed by the previous day’s police violence, the protest then merged into the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Saint Louis chanting, “Banks got bailed out, we got sold out!”

Much of the weekend's agenda focused on the upcoming NATO/G8 protest against war makers and bankers in Chicago. Occupy Chicago, as well as organizers from the Coalition Against NATO/G8 gave presentations about the causes of war and poverty and facilitated discussions on building for the protests across the Midwest. Cities from around the country are organizing buses to Chicago for the May 20 day of action.

“We were excited to connect with organizers from around the country that are a part of the same movement against corporate domination and war,” said Danielle Meyer of Occupy Milwaukee, “We want to coordinate Occupy further and develop plans for future connected actions throughout the Midwest.”

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