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Michigan vigil for Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO

By Tom Burke

Grand Rapids, MI – As part of a national call for vigils, over 50 people gathered for Michael Brown at Cherry Park here, Aug. 14. Michael Brown is the teenager who just graduated high school and was about to start college, but was murdered by a white policeman in Ferguson, Missouri. There are large and militant protests taking place every day and night in Ferguson calling for justice and to jail the killer cop.

As people formed a large circle, two young women stood on a park bench and spoke of the need to come together and honor the memory of Black and Latino people murdered by the police. The crowd bowed their heads for one minute of silence to reflect and respect. Afterwards, a young African American woman spoke passionately about about the many victims of police brutality and murder. Others called for more organizing by those present to reach larger numbers of people.

Chaka Holley, a local community organizer, said, “The vigil was a rare opportunity and space for people to grieve for Michael Brown and other victims. Sometimes those murdered get lost in the politics. Now the community needs to get involved.”

Plans are in the works for a rally on Aug. 23 in Grand Rapids.

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