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Miami activists unite against U.S. imperialism in Latin America

By staff

Miami rally against US imperialism & far-right political violence

Miami, FL – On December 1, immigrant groups representing several different countries in the Caribbean and South America rallied together at the Torch of Friendship to show unity and strength against U.S imperialism and far-right political violence in Latin America. Various groups of immigrant activists united in what they said was just the beginning of a new movement in South Florida to bring together the various struggles in Latin America against neo-liberalism and neo-colonialism.

Activists representing Chile, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Brazil spoke out against neoliberal policies, U.S militarism, and U.S.-backed right-wing governments in Latin America.

The activists sang protest songs that conveyed how the policies of the United States and the governments it supports in the region are leaving the indigenous and working people, Afro-Latinos and farmers, students and activists throughout the region in a state of destitution.

Speakers at the event denounced the violence being committed by the Chilean government against protesters; the racist, right-wing coup in Bolivia, and the ultra-right government in Brazil. They also condemned U.S. capitalism run amok in Puerto Rico through vicious austerity measures and the murderous violence against labor leaders and activists in Colombia.

The event finished in song as the protesters belted, “El pueblo unido, jamas sera vencido!”

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