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San José, California: May 1 Immigrant Rights March

By Carlos Reyes

Man talking though bullhorn; palm trees in background

San José, CA – On May 1, 1500 youth, families, workers and other community members gathered in east San José to demand legalization, an end to the raids and deportations and respect for human, civil, and labor rights.

Speakers at the kick-off rally included members of the community group Voluntarios de la Communidad, who talked about city ID cards and Student Advocates for Higher Education, an organization of undocumented college students. Strengthening Our Lives addressed the need to register and vote and Mark Silverman, an immigration lawyer, also spoke.

After the rally there was a spirited march, chanting, “¡Sí se puede!” and waving Mexican and American flags, through the heart of the Chicano/Mexicano community and on to City Hall in downtown San José.

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