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Massive NYC march in solidarity with Palestine

By staff

Palestine solidarity march in NYC. | Fight Back! News/staff

New York, NY – Thousands of people took to the streets on November 4 in support of the Palestinian resistance, and in opposition to the U.S.-backed genocide of Gazans. This protest took place on a National Day of Action, and coincided with what is believed to be the biggest pro-Palestine march on Washington in history. Additionally, all major cities and many other smaller cities held their own protests all over the country in support of the Palestinian people.

This protest was organized by the Palestinian organization “Within Our Lifetime” in collaboration with many other organizations. It is one of almost daily protests in NYC demanding an end to U.S. support for Israeli genocidal violence, and the right to self-determination for Palestinians.

The protest began in Herald Square, where chants of “Biden, Biden you can't hide, you're supporting genocide!” and “We don't want your Two State, we want '48!” could be heard. The crowd matched the energy of the emcees, who also gave impassioned speeches.

The crowd then marched east on 34th Street, completely blocking the road. Even though they were surrounded by a large number of police officers on all sides, the marchers maintained their militancy. Passersby also chanted and filmed the march on their phones, clearly interested in what was happening. A very small number of Zionist counter-protestors were spotted, and one was pushing people.

The march ended up outside of the United Nations headquarters, where the crowd engaged in more chants. Afterwards, there was a call to prayer in a showing of Muslim solidarity with the Palestinian victims of Israeli genocide.

It is clear that the support of the U.S. people for Palestine is not dying down, and that this moment is serving as a catalyst for further radicalization of the American public.

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