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Massive anti-Trump protests rage in NYC

By Andrew Arachikavitz

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New York, NY – After days of unrest following the results of the U.S. presidential election, tens of thousands of people continue to flood the streets of downtown Manhattan, Nov. 12, in direct opposition to the new President-elect Donald J. Trump.

The protesters met at Union Square in the early afternoon, swiftly filling 5th Avenue and shutting down traffic as it progressed north. Chants of “Not my president,” and “We are the popular vote” reverberated off the buildings lining over 30 uninterrupted blocks, eventually coming to a halt at the base of Trump Tower as protesters were met by barricades and heavily armed police officers defending Trump’s fortress.

“The last four days of nationwide protests is a small sign of what Trump can expect. There are 20 blocks of protesters here on 5th Avenue angered by Tuesday’s election and, more importantly, ready to challenge the Trump administration. We can expect he’ll follow through on his racist, sexist, anti-worker policies, and he should expect continued resistance,” said Michelle Morris, a progressive activist in the city.

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