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Massive anti-Trump Protest takes over Miami

By staff

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Hundreds of protesters took over the streets of downtown Miami Saturday afternoon. Feb. 4. The large crowd marched from Bayfront Park to the Miami Dade Courthouse behind a banner that read “Dump Trump.” The march was organized by the Anti-Trump Action Committee (ATAC), whose demands included; reinstating Miami as a sanctuary city, undoing the immigration ban, no construction of any wall along the border, and no use of nuclear weapons.

As they marched through the streets, the marchers chanted “No ban, no wall!” and, “No hate, no fear refugees are welcome here!” Megan Shade, one of the organizers with ATAC, led several of the chants and spoke enthusiastically to the group of protesters.

“I say to you, that this moment, on this day, will set forth a movement of resistance and a movement for the liberation and freedom of not some, but all,” Shade said. “But we cannot truly be free without the sovereignty and autonomy of our own bodies. History tells that our bodies, particularly bodies of color, trans and queer bodies are not ours to control, we, and everyone here today, are on the frontlines. We are the resistance.”

The protest lasted about three hours, after which many of the activists in Miami drove up to West Palm Beach where an even larger protest took place outside of Donald Trump’s “Summer White House” in Mar-a-Lago. Protesters at Mar-a-Lago were met with heavily armed police in riot gear, clearly meant to intimidate the crowd. But most did not let that deter them, and instead chanted, “El pueblo, unido, jamas sera vencido!”

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