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Madison, WI: Hundreds march at state capitol in protest of the Israeli ground invasion into Gaza

By staff

Crowd waving Palestinian flags are pictured behind a large banner that reads "From Madison, Wisconsin to Palestine long live the popular Palestinian Resistance"

Madison, WI – On October 27, nearly 300 protesters gathered in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol building for an emergency rally following the destruction of all communication networks in Gaza by Israel and the announcement of Israeli ground invasions of Palestine.

The emergency protest was called for by a Palestinian international student. Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of Wisconsin heeded the call for protest and helped to organize the march.

“There are over 7000 people confirmed dead, however, there are thousands and thousands under the rubble who are not saved yet and most probably, most of them are dead,” said an event participant. “My partner, his parents and siblings they’re in Gaza right now, and every night they call him and they tell him this is the worst night. Every night they tell him, ‘This is the most horrifying night.’”

The day before the protest, on October 26, the Palestinian Health Ministry released a list of 6474 people who have been killed by Israel’s bombardment. This list included the name, age, gender, and ID numbers of those confirmed dead in Gaza. These numbers however, do not include those unidentified and those still stuck under the rubble.

“The end of the occupation means Palestinians have human dignity. The best solution would be the liberation of Palestine. From the river to the sea, call it Palestine. We have complete authority, we have complete autonomy, we have complete control on our land,” said an event participant.

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