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Labor Party to meet, lay plans

By Stephanie Karamitsos

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Washington, D.C. – “On every major headline issue of the day, the Labor Party, at its very inception in 1996, had charted a pathway to protect workers' interests. Now, more than ever before, workers of America should rededicate themselves to building their own movement.” states Labor Party National Organizer, Tony Mazzocchi.

Mazzocchi made this statement as the Labor Party prepares for the Build the Future: Labor Party Convention and Conference, to be held July 25-28 in Washington D.C. The Labor Party seeks to build a strong political party that can eventually challenge the Democrats and Republicans. Using the strategy of waiting to field candidates until enough strength has been accumulated to win elections, they're building a worker's party around worker's issues.

The massive resources of giant U.S. corporations have bought and paid for the Republican and Democratic parties. The Labor Party was founded on June 6, 1996, in Cleveland, Ohio as a step towards developing a real alternative for most everyone left out by this scheme.

Raising the slogan “The bosses have two parties, now we have one of our own,” the Labor Party has been striving to set itself up to be a party that fights for the interests of workers. Founded and financed by some of the most progressive, forward-thinking unions in the United States, the Labor Party wants to be a voice for all workers, not just those in unions.

The Labor Party supports a single-payer national health plan, called Just Healthcare. They have also spoken out against the so-called “welfare reform” of the two major parties, and favor an end corporate welfare. The Party has additional campaigns in progress around fair trade, and workplace rights. There are plans to launch a campaign for free higher education at the upcoming convention.

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