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Los Lobos 50th anniversary concert at Garfield High School in East Los Angeles

By Carlos Montes

Los Lobos performs at Garfield High School in East Los Angeles. | Fight Back! News/staff

Los Angeles, CA – A full auditorium at East LA Garfield High School (GHS) greeted Los Lobos for their 50th anniversary concert celebration. The legendary East LA band gave a tremendous concert to the packed auditorium in the new auditorium. Band members include David Hidalgo on accordion and lead guitar, Cesar Rosas vocals and guitar, Louie Perez guitar and Conrado Terrazas on bass. Los Lobos are GHS alumni.

Los Lobos played a wide variety from a long list of albums, from traditional Mexican, to rockabilly, blues and pure rock and roll, all with a Chicano urban flavor.

Songs included Will the Wolf Survive, Evangeline, Come On Let's Go, Don’t Worry Baby, La Bamba and many more in the two hour set. After a shout out to revolutionaries they played Con Mi Carabina 30-30 (With My 30-30 Carbine), the Mexican revolutionary song with a tribute to Francisco Pancho Villa.

They invited other well-known singers to join them on stage like Martha Gonzalez of Quetzal, Lil Willie G of Thee Midniters and Mark Guerrero, son of Lalo Guerrero, the godfather of Chicano music.

Los Lobos top albums include Kiko, How Will The Wolf Survive?, By the Light of the Moon and Good Morning Aztlan. They have won four Grammys.

GHS is well known for its music and academic programs, along with a high graduation and college entrance rate. GHS remained a public school in LAUSD as a result of a fight that stopped privatization and defeat a Green Dot charter school takeover in 2009.

The concert was attended by many GHS alumni and Chicano movement activists for a show of solidarity to a Chicano band from East LA that has made our community proud.

Carlos Montes is a member of the Garfield High School class of summer 1966.

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