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Los Angles: Riot police deployed against protest for Tyre Nichols

By Luis Sifuentes

LAPD between the police headquarters and LA City Hall

Los Angeles, CA – Hundreds of people marched and rallied January 27 demanding justice for Tyre Nichols, who was killed by five Memphis cops. Additionally, protesters demanded justice for LAPD victim Keenan Anderson, an African American teacher who was tazed to death, and for Manuel Esteban Paez Terán, an environmental activist assassinated by Georgia state troopers. Protesters condemned racist police terror with a banner that read “Stop Cop City” displayed on barricades in front of the police headquarters. A march ensued around the block with everyone chanting “No justice no peace!” and “Justice for Tyre!”

In light of the anticipated release of the brutal bodycam footage of Tyre Nichols, LA police department presence was persistent throughout the day. They prepared for potential unrest, setting up barricades and using surveillance technology throughout the city.

After returning back to the start of the event, protesters knocked down the barricades and LAPD cops in riot gear emerged from the headquarters and advanced on protesters. Fifty riot-geared cops arrived in the opposite direction of Main Street and created a line. Known neo-Nazis and provocateurs were present. When protesters conformed the reactionaries, police advanced and shoved to protect the Nazis. Some began to point their weapons at protesters, within close range.

The LAPD established a line across the intersection of Main Street and 1st Street, in the face of protesters making a stand for justice.

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