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Los Angeles: Chicano neighborhood shows solidarity with Palestine

By staff

Activist wearing a Centro CSO t-shirt chants on a bullhorn while activists are visible in the background waving a Palestinian flag.

Los Angeles – On November 4, hundreds of pro-Palestine Boyle Heights and East LA residents gathered at Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights. Israel increased its attacks on Palestine since October 7, sparking global outrage. Those present were supportive of Palestine and waved posters with messages like, “Chicanos against Palestinian genocide” and “End U.S. aid to Israel.”

Leading chants, Gabriel Quiroz Jr of Centro CSO kept high energy throughout the rally with chants like “From the river to the sea! Palestine will be free!” and “Gaza, Gaza, don't you cry! Palestine will never die!” Rally-goers lined up along the curb waving signs and chanting, grabbing the attention of community members driving by, who honked in support.

A list of speakers included members from Centro CSO, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Peace and Freedom Party, LA MAS, and East LA Brown Bears. After hearing speeches, the large crowd marched to Los Angeles City Hall. Along the route cars honked at the marchers, demonstrating support.

The marchers were reinforced by many others who were also marching to City Hall, and by now the participants had increased to over 1000. Upon arrival at City Hall, the crowd held a moment of silence for the over 10,000 Palestinians, many of them children, who have been killed by Israel.

Quiroz Jr. said, “The overall mood was somber due to witnessing literal genocide being carried out by Israel, but there is also a strong energy of resistance in the air. By now, we’ve all seen countless videos of children and civilians being killed and we’ve had enough of the U.S. government funding it.”

Chants like “Biden, Biden you can't hide! We charge you with genocide!” filled the air at City Hall. The crowd had people of all ages and many different nationalities, all in support of Palestine.

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