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Lebanese resistance hits Israeli military

By staff

An Israeli military patrol was struck by a large IED in Lebanon’s occupied Shebae Farms, Jan. 4, destroying a vehicle and wounding a number of soldiers. According to the authoritative news outlet Al – Mamar, the progressive resistance group Hezbollah announced that “martyr Samir Kuntar group in the Islamic Resistance detonated” the huge explosion.

The well-known Lebanese resistance leader Samir Kuntar was assisinated, Dec. 19, in Jaramana, Syria. Kuntar spent nearly 30 years in Israeli prisons for his role, at age 16, in a military operation of the Palestine Liberation Front against the Israeli occupation. Kuntar, the longest-serving Arab prisoner, was one of the detainees release in an exchange with Israeli authorities in 2008.

The Lebanese media is reporting that Israel has been shelling villages along the border.

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