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Laura Rodriguez of the Tampa 5 speaks at pro-Palestine rally in NYC

By staff

Laura Rodriguez of Tampa 5 speaking at NYC action in solidarity with Palestine.  | Fight Back! News/staff

New York, NY – Around 300 students and community members gathered outside the steps of the CUNY grad center in Midtown, October 18, to protest CUNY's involvement with Israel and to support the Palestinian resistance.

Organized by CUNY 4 Palestine, the energetic crowd was loud in their chants and vocal in their support for the Palestinian cause.

Rachel Elizabeth, a union member and student at CUNY, said, “As a student and union member, I was proud to stand in solidarity with folks as we demand an end to the siege on Gaza, an end to U.S. aid to Israel, and a free Palestine. The occupation must end. We want liberation, self-determination and peace for all oppressed nationalities.”

Laura Rodriguez, a member of the Tampa 5 who is in town to talk about their case, gave a speech that was heard throughout 5th Avenue: “It's a tough reality that hits close to home, knowing that equipment made here plays a malevolent role in stifling those who speak out against injustice.”

Rodriguez continued, “the Tampa 5 stand with the people of Palestine!”

Rodriguez is currently on a speaking tour with four co-defendants to speak about their case. They will be speaking in New York City at the The People's Forum at 6 p.m. October 18 with speakers from Stop Cop City, Bayan USA, Palestinian Youth Movement, NY Boricua Resistance and For Our Liberation.

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