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Latino Workers March to Demand an End to Mass Firings

By staff

A photo of Latino workers at the rally.

Los Angeles, CA – Over 2000 Mexican and Central American workers marched here, July 29, to demand legalization and an end to the mass firings of immigrants. The mass firings have been brought on by the Department of Homeland Security’s push – backed up by the threat of sanctions on the employer – to identify undocumented workers by auditing companies’ employee data.

The militant marchers shouted, “Obama, eschucha estamos en la lucha”, (Obama, listen, we are in the struggle) and “We are here and we are not leaving. This is my land, this is my struggle!”

The march, led by rank-and-file workers from Overhill Farms and American Apparel went up historic Alameda Street to the Los Angeles Federal building for an enthusiastic rally. The rally was emceed by Carlos Montes of the Southern California Immigration Coalition (SCIC), which organized the events. The Southern California Immigration Coalition is composed of community groups, teachers, activists, students and immigrant rights groups.

The contingent from Overhill Farms included workers fired in June. They have organized a fight back campaign with weekly protests and a boycott of company products. The American Apparel workers have been active in the May 1 marches and have promoted the Legalize LA and now Legalize America campaign.

At the rally, speakers demanded an end to the threat of employer sanctions that are being used by companies to fire longtime workers and hire new workers at lower wages without benefits.

Among those addressing the crowd was veteran leader and fighter Nativo Lopez, of Hermandad Mexicana Latino Americana and Daniel Montes, of SCIC, who spoke of the fight for true equality and liberty.

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A photo of people at a mass rally.

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