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LAPD kills 1st Chicano this year in Boyle Heights

By Sol Márquez

Memorial to Fred Barragan.

Los Angeles, CA – The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) just claimed their first Boyle Heights victim of 2017. A 36-year-old Chicano named Fred Barragan from the Boyle Heights neighborhood was killed by cops on March 25. Per local news reports, gunshots were heard around midnight. LAPD reports to the press that they saw Barragan run and an attempted to stop Barragan, leading to his killing. A witness disputes the LAPD version of events.

Centro CSO (Community Service Organization) called the LAPD Headquarters to obtain information on the Barragan’s murder, but was told more than likely there would be no public comment due to the shooting being officer-involved.

LAPD has a long history of police brutality and killings. For three consecutive years, Los Angeles has ranked number one in killings by police and sheriffs. Boyle Heights itself ranked among the highest in Los Angeles County, and was victim to five killings just last year. Among the LAPD killings were 16-year-old Jose “Peruzzi” Mendez killed Feb. 6, 2016 and 14-year-old Jesse Romero killed August 9, 2016.

“We denounce this brutal racist killing of another young Chicano in Boyle Heights!” says longtime Chicano revolutionary Carlos Montes. “We will unite with the family of Fred Barragan and friends to organize and fight for justice to demand an end to the police killings of Chicano youth.”

The family and friends of Fred Barragan are extremely angry and will join in the fight for justice. Centro CSO invites all to attend the press conference in front of LAPD Hollenbeck on Monday, March 27 at 4:30 p.m. to demand LAPD issue a public statement on Barragan’s killing.

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