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LAPD Chief Moore delays finalizing report on cop who beat Richard Castillo

By Sol Márquez

Centro CSO leader Carlos Montes talking with LAPD Police Chief Moore.

Los Angeles, CA – On April 27, a video filmed by a neighbor in Boyle Heights caught LAPD officer Frank Hernandez and another unnamed woman officer violently beating and arresting Chicano Richard Castillo. The video quickly went viral due to the completely unprovoked manner in which officer Hernandez punched and attacked Castillo. After backup was called, witnesses had to come out to defend Castillo. Officer Hernandez and others drew guns on the witnesses and ordered them to “Get out of here!”

Officer Hernandez has a violent history. He killed Manuel Jamines, shot in the head, September of 2010 and was known to harass street vendors in the MacArthur Park area.

Centro CSO began a petition urging mostly local Boyle Heights residents to voice their concern for the way the matter was handled. The petition called for LAPD Chief Michael Moore to fire officer Hernandez. On May 21, a delegation of CSO members hand-delivered over 1800 petition signatures to Chief Moore.

During this exchange, Chief Moore stated Hernandez was still on home duty and had not been returned his badge nor gun. When asked when the final report on the Hernandez attack on Castillo would be concluded, Chief Moore stated, “It should be ready by June 1, 2020.” This week, Chief Moore was publicly shamed after he stated that George Floyd’s blood was on protesters’ hands as much as it was on his killer cops.

On June 1, no report was published and CSO members were never contacted. Centro CSO sent a message to one of Chief Moore’s LAPD Headquarters officers, Vic Davila, to ask for an update. Davila told CSO members that due to the unrest in the city, the report had unfortunately been delayed. The next day, local LA news stations reported that the case had been forwarded to LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey.

Lacey is known for her complete and utter disregard for justice. With hundreds of LAPD officer-involved-shootings under her belt, Lacey just once filed charges on a police officer killing a civilian.

We denounce the delay in bringing Boyle Heights survivor Richard Castillo and the people of Boyle Heights justice. Hollenbeck LAPD officers have historically harassed, killed, beaten and terrorized the people of Boyle Heights. CSO will continue to ramp up the pressure on the leaders of LAPD and continue to denounce their attacks on Black and brown people.

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