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Los Angeles: Hunger Strike for Legalization begins second day

By staff

Hunger strikers in good spirits

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from Latinos Against War on the hunger strike for legalization. On April 24 the hunger strike entered its second day and a massive immigrant rights demonstration is planned for May 1.

Hunger Strike for Legalization: Support Grows

The Hunger Strike for Legalization is receiving wide support after kicking off its first day Monday, April 23 with 14 people. Staying overnight, members of FOMUUSA, March 25 Coalition, Latinos Against War, and Casa El Salvador stayed in tents to call for real immigration reform and an end to Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids and deportations.

Participants include Galdys Pinto, Javier Rodriguez and Carlos Montes.

The March 25 Coalition is calling on all sectors of the community to participate in the hunger strike by committing to one or more days. On Tuesday, April 24 the independent port truckers will join.

The groups are calling all to participate in the May 1, 2007 Grand Boycott II, by no shopping, no work, no school, no economic activity. Also, to join the march and rally set for Tuesday, 12:00 noon on May 1, 2007 starting at Olympic and Broadway.

Latinos Against War continues to protest the presence of military recruiters on high schools and ICE agents in the Eastside. The military recruiters target immigrant Latino youth to serve as soldiers in this immoral war to kill families in Iraq! With the reward of U.S. citizenship as an incentive. While their parents are victims of deportations by the ICE.

The immigrant community will also voice their opposition to President Bush’s immigration plan, the current ICE raids and demand a plan for legalization.

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