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Los Angeles: Students and families protest raids and deportations

By staff

Youth chanting at protest

Los Angeles, CA – Students and their families gathered here Oct. 10 to oppose raids on the undocumented by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Chants included demands for equal rights and full equality now, to stop racist raids, detentions and deportations and for the defeat of John McCain.

Said veteran Chicano activist Carlos Montes, “This protest was very important because it shows that the whole community is angry with the ICE repression and is willing to fight back and stand up for their families and demand equality.”

The protest was led by the Chicano Student Club, El Sereno Middle School and supported by Latinos Against War. It was held in solidarity with the national Ya Basta call and International Indigenous Peoples Day.

Banner: Escuelas Si, Guerra No!, Centro CSO

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