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LA to march against Trump

By staff

Los Angeles, CA – A major march against Trump is set for Jan. 20 in Boyle Heights. It is one of many around the country that will coincide with President-elect Trump’s inauguration in Washington DC. Boyle Heights protesters will assemble at 11 a.m. at Mariachi Plaza. They will march to Olvera Street, rally at Olvera, and then march to City Hall to join the other rallies.

The protest’s demands include: legalization not deportation, defend DACA, no to the Mexico wall, no to guest-worker programs, no to U.S. wars and occupation, and will urge solidarity with whomever has been attacked by Trump.

Immigrant rights leader Carlos Montes, who is helping to lead the Jan. 20 protest states, “We intend to send a message that each and every attack by Trump will be met with resistance. Trump has made it clear that he is an enemy of the undocumented, of Chicanos, and all oppressed people. We will meet his attacks head on.”

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