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LA District Attorney Lacey’s husband brandishes firearm at Black Lives Matters activists

By Sol Márquez

Los Angeles, CA – For nearly three years, activists have been trying to get Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey to open her doors to them. This morning, March 2, the front door to Lacey’s house was indeed opened, but with a gun pointed at the activists.

In the early morning, numerous activists from Black Lives Matter (BLM) Los Angeles staged a protest outside of Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s house. David Lacey, husband of Jackie Lacey, opened the door, and without warning aimed a gun at the activists. His finger on the trigger, Mr. Lacey repeatedly yelled, “Get off of my porch!”

Dr. Melina Abdullah with Black Lives Matter asked Mr. Lacey, “Are you going to shoot me?” to which Lacey responded with, “I will shoot you!”

BLM members and supporters have protested at DA Lacey’s home in the past during similar morning hours, and had never had any incident similar to this morning’s. Activists were promised a meeting by DA Lacey. The meeting was to place front and center the over 570 killings committed by the Los Angeles Police Department since Lacey’s terms in office. The March 2 action was an attempt by BLM to bring the meeting directly to Lacey instead.

DA Jackie Lacey is currently running for reelection as Los Angeles County District Attorney in the March 3 elections. She has received endorsements and large sums of campaign contributions from local police organizations, who have also sent out numerous campaign mailers promoting Lacey and attacking her leading opponent.

Black Lives Matter-LA, allies, and families who have suffered police killings are calling to throw Jackie Lacey out of office.

In a March 2 press conference, DA Lacey said that her husband pulled the gun on the activists because they were both “Scared.” She also insisted that her husband was “Sorry.”

“DA Jackie Lacey has my phone number,” said Dr. Melina Abdullah with Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter and supporters have been staging weekly protests on Wednesdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Hall of Justice where DA Lacey’s office is located. Weekly, barricades are placed only on Wednesdays to prevent the protesters’ access to the steps and to the front doors of the building. Black Lives Matter invites you to participate in this week’s protest and that you not vote for Lacey for reelection.

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